Jewellery selling conditions for jewellers - -

Our company helps you to reach your customer through an online market and through our website and mobile application we sell you jewelleries and take some profit. We are giving you the price of jewellery with some profit.

Jewellery and gems and stones purity and originality conditions-

    Our company only helps you to sell your jewelleries through the online market. We are not taking any responsibility for jewellery,gems and stones purity and originality. shopkeepers/ vendors  are responsible for jewelleries purity. jewellery may have some other metals and colours or another material for beautiness or strongness with gold. Jewelleries return value will have written on jewellery specification if you agree with return valuation and written purity then you can purchase jewellery.

Order cancellation terms conditions- customers can cancel their order in 3 days to make their order successful. After cancellation of your order your paid amount will be added in your wallet and if you want to take your paid amount in your bank account then you can contact me we will send your paid amount in your bank after deduction of 2% of your paid amount. 

payment term and conditions-

Please do not give jewellery to customers until our company confirms your order by calling you. After confirmation of order our  employee will come to pick up the order for delivery. After shipping your jewellery product by our company's  employee, your payment will be transferred in the seller's registered bank account number.

      If we found more weight difference ( 0.010gm to 0.030gm in gold gems and platinum, diamonds and 0.500gm to 1gm in silver ) that you showed in our online platform and physical weight verifying. in self-pickup/delivery time. If we don't find the same weight which you showed on our online platform we deactivate your account.


 Jewellery delivery /pick up -

    After purchasing the jewellery if customers want to pick up their purchased jewellery from the shop where's jewellery customers had purchased.   Customers can also take home delivery of their jewellery product. customers shall give the OTP which they have sent to their registered email id . After giving OTP your jewellery product will be given by our courier boy / delivery boy. customers can not return the jewellery product at the delivery time. jewellers and our vendors have to pack the jewellery product at the time of customers are cominng to pickup their purchased their jewellery.


valuation- At the date and time customers are purchasing on the our website or mobile application same time and date  rates are applicable on purchasing the jewellery for everyone who are connected to the our jewellery wala private limited  company for the gems  jewellery and precious bars. and same time rates are applicable on cancelling the product. 


Stock Maintenance-

     vendors/shopkeepers should have to maintain and update their jewellery stock list which is available to sell on our platform.


Privacy policy-

Shopkeepers account-

   we/company can access and edit your account and edit your profile and manage your data to provide better services for the customers.

we/our/company can share your bank account numbers and your jewellery wala profile details to anyone.