Terms and conditions for our sellers or vendors -

Our company are ensuring  the quality of your product before delivering your product. if we found any any quality and purity defect in your product which is showing  on our online platform, i can cancel that product order and we can return your product.   We are trying our best to  deliver the same purity product which you have purchased by our online platform.

Our company helps you to reach your customers through our online platform. Our company only helps you to sell your jewelleries through an online platform. sellers and vendors are taking responsibility for jewellery,gems and stones purity and originality.And our company gives some special service to your customers like safe home delivery or self pickup and many more other services. 

Our sellers Or vendors are Responsible for their jems and jewellery product gold silver and diamond purity and we try our best to verify the purity and weight for the product which is showing in our platform.